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Our Program

Daystar Kids coordinated, case-management approach ensures that each child’s individual health care, educational, developmental, and social-emotional goals are supported in an encouraging atmosphere of their peers.
Daystar Kids offers year-round, comprehensive day-respite services for children as young as four months of age, until they successfully transition into kindergarten. Daystar Kids operates fifty (50) weeks per year, with two annual week-long breaks scheduled in December and August. Program hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm with two Extended-Day options available to eligible enrollees. 
Daystar Kids innovative, coordinated-care model incorporates expert pediatric nursing services, daily group educational enrichment programs, individualized therapeutic services, and family training, education, and support services delivered by classroom teams comprised of certified special education teachers, pediatric registered nurses (RN), and teacher aides experienced in supporting  children with special needs and their families.

Is My Child Eligible?

Children qualifying for day-respite services at Daystar Kids have been discharged from the hospital but have intensive health care needs requiring close monitoring and management by skilled pediatric nurses to stabilize and/or promote their health and well-being.
Daystar Kids serves children with a wide range of health care and developmental needs. Children may be technology dependent, relying upon medical devices such as feeding tubes, broviac or central lines for administering medications, require oxygen or respiratory support, and/or experience medical conditions that require skilled nursing supervision to maintain their health and development.

Our Vision

Daystar Kids pioneering work to support children coping with serious medical and developmental complexities will become a model program for replication, meeting the demand for services to support families and their medically fragile children during their transition from hospital to home, and helping children reach their fullest potential.
  • Expert skilled pediatric nursing
  • inclusive learning environment
  • Unmatched 2:1 child to teacher ratio
  • Affordable day-rates for all incomes
  • Year-round, full-day structured group and individualized enrichment program

"Where Love Shines"- Our Family Centered Approach


  • Care-Coordination and Service Navigation Support
  • Preschool wrap-around services
  • Music therapy
  • Specialized therapeutic services
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