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Therapeutic Services

Daystar Kids is proud to partner with Monroe County Early Intervention Program (EI) and provides seamless coordination of each child’s required therapies including PT (physical), OT (occupational), speech, nutrition, vision, and other related interventions. Daystar Kids educational team integrates each child’s developmental goals set forth in his/her Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) into his/her daily routine at Daystar Kids, offering additional opportunities for children to practice essential skill-building activities throughout their day. 
Our classroom teachers welcome both Early Intervention and preschool therapists to schedule their sessions with your children at Daystar Kids. Daystar Kids is proud to integrate these services, including occupational, physical, and speech therapies, into your child's individualized daily care plan, providing for additional opportunities to work on their skills and maximize each child's individual therapeutic goals.  
White female therapist wearing scrubs and Covid protective facemask working with White female child who is smiling and seated in a wheelchair
White female therapist  wearing Covid protection facemask and walking down hall while holding hands of Black child in a therapeutic way
The collaboration between the Daystar Kids team and your child's therapy partners enhances the effectiveness of our educational programs as we are work together to develop effective learning strategies and developmental activities  based on each child's unique circumstances.  Allowing therapies to occur at Daystar Kids helps families minimize the number of outside appointments and allows families to spend quality time with their child and family in the evenings and weekends. 
In addition to your child's individualized therapies, Daystar Kids provides Music Therapy for each classroom, providing a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages and developmental levels to participate  and benefit from the increased social interaction with their peers.
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