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Want to Lend a Helping Hand? 
There are many great ways to help Daystar’s children succeed. As a volunteer, you can help spread the word about Daystar and its life-changing services for children with special health care needs, share our children’s inspirational stories, and give hope and encouragement to their families.
Get Started:
Please complete the volunteer packet to let us know your specific area(s) of interest and availability. We’ll get in touch with you to give you more information about Daystar’s Volunteer Training requirements and time commitment. For more details, please see below.
Because of the serious nature of our children’s health care needs and their young ages, volunteers are restricted from patient care. However, there are so many other ways to give your time and talents to help ensure that our babies and kids receive the best quality care and enrichment programs they deserve.
  • For Daystar’s Youth Internship Program
    • Volunteers must be ages 16 or older and must commit to at least one shift per week for an entire school semester (or summer session), must participate in training, and meet Daystar’s academic requirements. Young people interested in the fields of special education, medicine (especially pediatrics), nursing, and/or any of the related therapies, are encouraged to apply.
    • Youth Interns who do not meet the age requirements are encouraged to visit our Service Learning Opportunity Guide for ideas on independent projects that can make a difference for our children.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Shining Star Society-
Join Daystar’s dedicated group of friends who help fundraise, advocate for Daystar in the community, and help build our network. Volunteers help out at special events, help ask for and collect donations, represent the agency as ambassadors at civic and other community settings, and host small gatherings and tours to help educate the public about Daystar’s unique services.
Organization Expert-
We always have boxes that need to be sorted through, organized, and labeled. This job requires a steady hand, lots of focus, and a commitment to best practices in record keeping and storage.  When the files are finished, we have ongoing needs to help us inventory and organize our storage room(s). If you like to discover new ways to be efficient and like to take charge, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!
Chore Champion-
Daystar always needs help onsite with the essential housekeeping tasks that keep us going! Laundry, organizing donations and supply closets, disinfecting toys, strollers, and other play equipment, dusting and cleaning out lockers and shelves, and general assistance keeping Daystar’s environment neat and tidy for our children.
Host a Baby Shower for Daystar-
Daystar’s toys and specialized equipment get plenty of heavy use from our friends. We’re in need of new supplies of exciting, developmentally-appropriate learning materials, therapeutic equipment, and sensory play things to encourage Daystar kids to learn and explore. Check out Daystar’s Wish List Registry for more ideas of how to help.
Supply Drive-
Organize your church, school, or other civic groups to be a catalyst for change at Daystar! Help donate larger-size diapers, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, Swiffer floor pads, allergen-free laundry detergent, Keurig Coffee pods, paper towels, baby wipes, crib sheets, hand-size towels, office paper and supplies, and other commonly used items Click here for our Wish List.
Holiday Angel-
Adopt a Daystar family for the holidays. Daystar families have soaring out-of-pocket expenses that leave little extra to help with holiday gifts. Help ease their burden and contact us to adopt a Daystar Family for the holidays. Give them the best gifts of the season- hope, love, and a little encouragement for a brighter future.

Please complete the Volunteer Packet above and email

Spinelli Dentl Volunteers

"Volunteering at Daystar has been the most rewarding experience for me. I so love being a small part of Daystar and am grateful to have this opportunity." 

 -Connie Margiotta, Daystar Volunteer


Spinelli Dental Golf Volunteers 

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