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Parent Testimonials

Hugh and Michelle Woodside 

We were introduced to our “new normal” in May 2006 when our son Griffin was born. No warnings. No roadmap. Our beautiful baby boy, who was born at roughly half the size of his older brother, had medical issues. They say it takes a village to raise children- we needed a bigger village. We were unprepared for the hurdles we would have to overcome with Griffin during the first several years of his life. Help came from all around us, but Daystar was the one organization that may have helped our family the most.

Kim Buholtz, RN and proud Daystar Kid parent

At Daystar, all these special children are first and foremost children; not a disease or a diagnosis. Simply knowing that our son is being cared for in all facets of his needs in a thorough and competent manner, and that he loves his time in the classroom, makes it much easier for us to go to work or have a day of respite. It is truly a very special place-one that we are grateful for each and every day.


Cassie Linder 

When my daughter entered the world, she remained strangely silent, unable to breathe on her own or feed by mouth. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to help her stay healthy, support her special needs, and balance my full-time job. I found comfort in Daystar’s programs for children with special health care needs where my daughter now receives expert nursing care to keep her safe and healthy. Daystar is a dream come true…the answer to our prayers.

Carlene Fallone

On the (Daystar) video, there was a mom who said, "I just feel like I can breathe."  To me, there are no truer words. It's not because I get time without Mia. It is the feeling that someone else really "gets it!" To be able to have others truly understand what I am going through just takes this huge weight off my chest and allows me to breathe.  So many times I feel like I'm on this island and there is no one there to rescue me, yet I walk into Daystar and there is a whole Coast Guard just for my little island.  Do you know how refreshing that is?  Daystar is the only place I can go and feel like I've just unloaded 30 pounds of worry and frustration.  It's not even about talking, it's about knowing there are families there going through the same thing, sometimes worse, and without knowing each other or saying anything, they understand.  Not to mention the staff, volunteers and support staff who get it, too. I couldn't be more grateful for Daystar.


Brian Callahan

This isn't just watching your child, this is full engagement!  


Kim Parthenais

Daystar allows us as parents to continue the day to day activities without the worry and wondering

how your child is doing throughout the day….It’s the peace of mind knowing that there are nurses on staff,

as well as the best educators for all of our children. Daystar has become an extension of our family, not just a place for us to receive respite services for Joseph. The staff at Daystar strives to celebrate all the kids and look beyond their medical conditions.

Christine Fekete

It’s a no-brainer. It’s a one-stop shop. Chase was happy at Daystar and we felt secure.- we just didn’t worry. For me, Daystar has set the bar-  I will forever be comparing places to Daystar.


Charmane Fuller

 Without Daystar, our lives would be in a totally different place right now. I love Daystar and tell everyone about it.

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